Joyce's Story


Joyce (Xiaodi) Wang | ELP'12

We caught up with Joyce on her last week in L.A. before she went back to Beijing and to start her career in finance at the Bank of China. She studied with the ELP for nine months before she was accepted to the MBA program at Cal State LA. As Joyce looked back at her years of adventure away from home, she said “coming here was the best decision I made in my life.”

When we asked her what she liked the most about living here, she said, “I like the free spirited people. Everyone here is so friendly. The lifestyle here is more relaxed and it was a good place to study. Back home everything was so stressful—you work so hard and get so exhausted on the weekend that you don’t want to do anything anymore. There was not much of a social life.”

With her bright and outgoing personality, we were surprised when Joyce said she used to be super shy and quiet. Joyce recalled the turning point was at her ELP graduation ceremony, “Andy—my listening and speaking teacher—pushed me to do a speech in front of everyone. I was not sure if I would be able to do it so I asked the teachers and the staff if my speech was ok. It was not that bad after all—I think I did a pretty good job. Every teacher even the one that was not teaching me gave me a high five after I was done with my speech. Starting from there, I became more confident to speak in front of people and learned how to make friends with native speakers.”

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“Because I was here by myself, friends have become a really important part of my life. The ELP is like a second family. I met so many great people at the ELP whom I still keep in touch with,” Joyce said. Other than that, she found the teaching styles at ELP helped her prepare for TOEFL. “Most of the students here take either TOEFL or IELTS. The way the ELP teachers teach exactly fits the test and they can bring more stuff like teaching us how to take notes which really helps with my study. I like all my teachers and I still go to them eventhough I’m no longer in the ELP.”

We are glad to have had Joyce as part of the ELP family and wish Joyce the best of luck as she starts a new chapter in her life.