Ahmed's Story



Ahmed Alsarawi | ELP'08

Ahmed Alsarawi, has been studying in Los Angeles for over 8 years. Orginally from Al Dammam, Saudi Arabia's third largest city, he completed his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Business Administration at Cal State LA after finishing his English Language Program (ELP) courses. Motivated by his sister, he chose to study abroad in Los Angeles and is happy he did. He hopes to obtain his doctoral degree in the future.

"I think education is the key to being successful," says Ahmed.

After studying with the ELP for two quarters, Ahmed realized that his choice to study at Cal State LA was the best decision he ever made.

"Compared to other language programs, the ELP teachers are highly qualified. They follow systems and help students improve their skills so they can study in English at a University level. Unlike newer language schools, Cal State LA's ELP is established and not only cares about improving students' language skills, but also about their academic success."

The culture of Los Angeles also made Ahmed fall in love with the city.

After graduating from high school at 17 years old, he began to travel. Though he has visited many places, he was shocked by the culture of Los Angeles.

"People here are open minded and everything is different from my home country. I felt a little bit strange in the beginning, but have fallen in love with this city after 8 years living here. When I first came here, I didn't have hobbies or other interests besides studying. Because my home country is mostly desert, we barely have outdoor activities. My American friends opened my mind to many new activities in Los Angeles like hiking, camping and surfing. I never had done any of those things before coming to the United States. I used to live 5 miles away from the sea in my hometown, but I never explored it because the weather there is extremely hot."