Online Training

Golden Eagle Ergonomics (GEE)

GEE is a workstation assessment program.  You are able to tap into a large knowledge database that can assess your specific workstation setup.  It will track your preferences, problems and symptoms you may have experienced in order to work toward resolving these issues.  It can periodically track progress on your issues.  But, you need not have issues to use this program.  GEE teaches proper posture, helpful ways to adjust your furniture and ways to organize your workstation to prevent injury. For more infomation about using GEE Click Here.

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SkillPort Training

SkillPort is a training website with a large selection of training and certification programs.  Classes offered at CSULA may allow students to use SkillPort in lieu of classroom training.  You are free to take a course merely to broaden your education.  Each of the courses is available by merely launching the selection.

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