Application Process


  1. Take a Qualifying Exam (ACT or SAT). Successful applicants will have at least a 22 English and a 23 Math score on the ACT, or a minimum score of 550 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 570 Math.  Interested applicants must submit qualifying test scores to the EEP office by May 1st of the application year. **Please report all qualifying scores to the university as well as directly to the EEP office. To report scores to the university please use code 4399 for the SAT and for the ACT use code 0320, please send the score report directly to the EEP office email in the PDF format**
  2. Express interest in EEP. Interested students will be given information about the application (note: Only materials from Spring 2020 application will be accepted. Please do not submit any documents from an older application.)
  3. Submit an application packet, including an online application. Select students will be invited to participate in an on-campus interview.
  4. On-campus interview with EEP Program Staff & Faculty.  After completion of the interview, select students will be invited to participate in the Honors Academy.
  5. Register for Honors Academy. Students must pay fees and attend orientation before starting in summer program.
  6. Participate in the Honors Academy. Students participate in a 6-week Honors Academy program during the summer. 
  7. EEP Admissions Offer and the Student’s Decision.  If the student is invited to join EEP, the decision to enter college early should be made by the student. Some qualified students may wish to have a traditional high school experience, and that decision should be respected.

​Note: students who have completed steps 1-4 and are not admitted to the Honors Academy, and students who have completed the Honors Academy but have not been admitted to the EEP may reapply one time.