Admissions Criteria

The Early Entrance Program may be appropriate for a student with some of the following qualifications:

  • One who is not yet over 16 years of age by June 1st in the year of application
  • One who consistently scores in the very top ranges on standardized ability and achievement tests
  • One who has a demonstrated ability to perform at an outstanding level in school
  • One who has demonstrated appropriate, positive school behavior and strong socioemotional skills
  • One whose educational needs will be met in an accelerated pathway including college-level coursework

The student considered for admission to the Honors Academy Summer Program is one who:

  • Demonstrates a strong desire to attempt a challenging educational program
  • Possesses adequate self-motivation, self-regulation, and appropriate behavior on a college campus
  • Has the support of family to undertake a program of radical educational acceleration, including but not limited to financial support through culmination of degree/graduation
  • Has a history of advanced intellectual and academic achievement
  • Performs at a level indicating a readiness for college level work on the SAT or ACT exam