Dissertation Titles of Recent Graduates

Dissertation Titles of Recent Graduates

Dr. Zara Agvanian

Held Back: The Impact of Curricular and Pedagogical Factors on Tested Achievement in High School Mathematics

Dr. Manuel Alvarez

A California Mayor's Bid to Improve the City's Schools: A Study of the Reform He Implemented

Dr. Smbat Avetyan

The Undergraduate Physics Tutorial Program at CSU Los Angeles Assessment of Utility and Areas of Interest

Dr. Cynthia Brown

Foster Parent's Advocacy for Foster Youth's College Readiness: A Narrative Study

Dr. R. David Black

Universal Design for Learning for a More Inclusive Environment in Higher Education

Dr. Preciosa Cordero

Echándole Ganas: An Urban School's Effort to Engage Latino Parents

Dr. Elva Cortez-Covarrubias

Latinas Leading For Social Justice: Resistance and Recognition Through Dual Language Programs

Dr. Sarah Francev

Conflict Boot Camp: An Intervention for High Conflict Parents in Dependency Court

Dr. Dolores Gallegos

Student Preschool Teacher's Perceptions on the  Importance of and Experiences with Young Children's Social-Emotional Development

Dr. Eric Gates

An Instrumental Case Study of an Afterschool Middle School Physical Activity Program

Dr. Crystal Gonzalez

Factors That Prevent Community College Students with Learning Disabilities From Requesting and Using Reasonable Accommodations

Dr. Rebecca Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Implementing the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts: A Case Study of Three Elementary Teachers' Experiences

Dr. Evita Guanlao

Effective Nutritional Practices of Exemplary Elementary Afterschool Programs

Dr. Keith Hatcher

A Case Study of Upward Bound: Soft Skills in a Federally-Funded College Prepatory Program for Youth

Dr. Sheila Hudson

American Dreams on Hold: Exploring the Impact of Immigration Policy on the Educational Experiences and Attitudes of Graduating Undocumented Latina/o College Students

Dr. Barbara Hunt

A Study of Counselor Perceptions as Educators For Homless Adults in Urban Los Angeles

Dr. Maha Karout

Perceptions of Heritage Language Programs

Dr. Kelly Kotowski

The Calling Canvas, Weaving Together Words and Images: A Narrative Inquiry into the Creative Voice of Students with Autism Participating in a Creative Lunchtime Program

Dr. Linda Lee

Voices Less Heard: Teachers' Perspectives on the Evaluation of Effectiveness Through the Use of Value-Added Modeling

Dr. Eddie Lopez

The Effectiveness of University Programs, Services, and Practices in Retaining Student Veterans Transitioning Higher Education: Voices of Student Veterans-A Case Study Analysis Approach at Two Universities

Dr. Elizabeth Martinez

Latino Parents and Teachers: Key Players in Building Neighborhood Social Capital

Dr. Marisa Meyka

Passports Into Dominant Society: An Examination of Gear Up Cultural and Social Capital Experiences on Student Trajectories and College Participation

Dr. Mario Moya

Induction Candidates and Support Providers in an Induction Consortium Serving Diverse Urban Schools

Dr. Dickson Perey

Intersectionality of Advocacy Roles Among School Counselors and Same-Sex Fathers

Dr. Molly Rearick

How Teens and Adults Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Family Members Perceive"Quality of Life"

Dr. Armando Rubio

Student Misconduct and Isolcation From the School Environment: A Study of Student, Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of School Discipline at an Urban Middle School

Dr. Frances Valadez

The Influence of Tier1/RtI2 and Instructional Coaching on Teacher Instruction and Student/ELL Learning: A Case Study

Dr. Darleen Villalobos

To Be Continued: A Narrative Study of Continuation High School Teachers

Dr. Florence Nguyen-Quang

Meeting the Needs of ELL's with Response to Instruction and Intervention: A Mixed Methods Case Study Focusing on the Implementation of Tier 2 Intervention

Dr. Rudolf Washington

The Influence of Student Perceptions of Adult Caring Behaviors and the Multi-Dimensionality of Connectedness and Resiliency in Hispanic and African-American Urban Students

Dr. Shalene Wright

Oral Histories of Four Urban Youth Affected by Disproportionately in Special Education

Dr. Christopher Wiebe

Syntax Error: Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Explore Discrepancies Between Teacher Belief and Policy Ideology About Technology Integration

Dr. KiMi Wilson

Listening to Their Voices: Exploring mathematics-Science Identity Development of African American Males in An Urban School Community


Dr. Jennifer Rios-Zambrano

Stories From Adults Who Grew Up in the Foster Care System and What They Tell Us About Its Impact on Their School Completion in an Urban School Setting



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