CSU Mentor Instructions

Instructions for finding the Cal State L.A. Ed.D. program on CSU Mentor
CSU Mentor Application: Click here!

  •     From the CSU Mentor Apply Online site, go to “Graduate Online Application”
  •      Click the term you want to apply for [Ed.D. is always Fall (YR)]
  •     Create an account or sign on as a Returning User
  •     At the Personal Application Manager (PAM) page, on the drop down menu scroll down to Cal State Los Angeles
        Graduate and click to start application
  •     At the Cal State Los Angeles Graduate Application page, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and
        click “Begin application for CSU Los Angeles Graduate”

Select term:  Fall (YR)

Select Major/Program Objective and on the drop down menu select: “Educational Leadership Public Schools Specialization – Ed.D”.

Select Degree Objective: on the drop down menue scroll to “Doctorate”

  •     Continue with the rest of the application process
  •     If returning to PAM page, in the red action box click “Resume” and it will bring you to your file so you can finish the CSU Mentor application
  •     Let us know if you experience problems and where in the application process problems happen. Thanks!

E-mail: support@csumentor.edu
Call: 1-800-GO-TO-XAP (468-6927) or 424-750-3939




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