Freshman and Sophomore Students

The College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology considers academic advising essential for student success. First-time freshmen and sophomores recieve advising services through the ECST Advising Center (EAC), which is housed in the ECST Student Success Center(ESSC). The mission of the ECST Advising Center is to assist students achieve their educational, career, and personal goals by nurturing a culture where students take responsibility and actively participate in the advising process and by using a full range of institutional resources. The EAC utilizes a developmental advising model defined as: a systematic process based on a close student-advisor relationship intended to aid students in achieving educational, career, and personal goals through the utilization of a full range of institutional and community resources. Developmental advising relationships focus on identifying and accomplishing life goals, acquiring skills and attitudes that promote intellectual and personal growth, and sharing concerns for each other and for the academic community(Ender, Winston, & Miller, 1984, p. 18-19). Practical applications include the establishment of integrated services including orientation, advising, experiential opportunities and career planning.  To make an appointment with an advisor in the EAC, please call (323) 343-4574.  Walk-in appointments are also available on a first-come for serve basis.

Juniors, Seniors, and Transfer Students

Juniors, seniors, and transfer students receive advising services through their respective academic department within the college. Advisors in each department assist students in developing their programs. Transfer students are recommended to meet with an advisor before starting their academic program at Cal State L.A. They are encouraged to attend orientation during which they have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor in their department and register for their classes to ensure a smooth transition. Newly admitted transfer students should bring a copy of their transcripts when seeking academic advising.  After the first advising session, students must consult an academic advisor at least once a quarter or most often as needed to enhance academic success. Contact your academic department to make an appointment with an advisor.

Graduate Students

Graduate students also receive advising services through the individual department of the students' major. Updates or changes regarding conentration and electives can be made only with an approval of the graduate advisor. All graduate students are required to see the Chair of the Department for further information.  To make an appointment with an advisor in your department, please contact the department direclty.