Early Start

Two female students walking on the main campus walkway

Welcome to Cal State L.A.’s Early Start Program

A Map with detailing lines describing the local area schoolsThe California State University (CSU) system created "Early Start" to better prepare students in mathematics and English composition before their first term at the CSU, thereby improving their chances of completing a college degree. Incoming students who do not demonstrate readiness for college-level mathematics and/or English composition will be required to begin remediation during the summer before coming to a CSU campus. For more information about the CSU system-wide program, you can visit www.csusuccess.org/earlystart.

We invite you to visit the websites below to find out more about our program.

Please note you must submit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit before you sign up for Early Start.  The deadline to submit the deposit is May 1st, 2015.

What is Early Start and how do I sign up?

I signed up to take Early Start at Cal State L.A., now how do I enroll in the summer courses?