Professional Certificate Program in Leadership in Downtown LA

Program Description

Offered at Cal State LA Downtown, the Professional Certificate Program in Leadership develops leaders at all stages of career growth and professional development, including aspirational leaders. Designed to increase the capacity for change and adaptation for newly oriented leaders or those seeking leadership roles, Cal State LA's program helps individuals master core competencies for both themselves and their teams, including boosting self-confidence, cultivating group dynamics, fostering innovation, and developing decision-making abilities. A strengths-based approach and practice-based simulations help diverse professionals master effective leadership techniques in versatile situations and real-life settings. 

Students will master the following leadership competencies: 

  • Self-effectiveness (accountability to self and team)
  • Group dynamics (interrelationships/delegating)
  • Critical thinking (analyzing/problem solving)
  • Feedback & decision-making (motivating/prioritizing)
  • Innovation (creativity/process improvement)

Who Should Enroll?

  • Aspiring leaders, newly promoted supervisors, managers, or coordinators working in the private, governmental, and nonprofit sectors
  • Self-identified leaders or those seeking to improve and accelerate their leadership skills and development
  • Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent business professionals looking to expand and grow their enterprise
  • Individuals who wish to pursue a strengths-based career that aligns with purposeful action

Tuition & Fees

To learn more, contact PaGE Programs at 323-343-4915

Financial Assistance

Federal financial aid is not available for the Professional Program in Leadership. However, you can apply for a private student loan here.

Course Schedule

LD 7001 – Reflective Leadership Skills (1 unit)

Examine effective leadership tools and techniques for aspiring and high-potential leaders. Understand emotional intelligence, how to develop personal skills through self-reflection and assessment, effectively managing yourself at work, and increasing your leadership effectiveness in a variety of situations. 

LD 7002 – Change Management Skills (1 unit)

Examine resistance to change and how to overcome it and actually collaborate during it. Explore the change management process, benefits of collaboration, decision-making, and undertaking ways to creatively solve problems. 

LD 7003 – Influencing Skills (1 unit)

Examine the use of influence at all levels of an organization. Explore practical tools and strategies, how to gain commitment from others, fostering cooperation, and specific behaviors to achieve influence.

LD 7004 – Leadership in Practice (1 unit)

Examine the development of transformational leaders. Using a variety of activities, understand how to address systemic problems, chart new directions, lead change, and learn quickly from mistakes made in the process. 

About the Instructor

Brandon Shamim is an award-winning business strategist, self-made entrepreneur, and leadership coach. He is acclaimed for his ability to forge alliances, create leadership strategies and transformative change for Fortune 500s, private businesses, public agencies, trade groups, hospitals, and nonprofits. With over 20 years of experience in leadership positions, his career spans work in a Fortune 100 company, the U.S. Department of Commerce, managing two businesses and serving on boards of several nonprofits, and as an appointed public official. He has taught both MBA and executive education programs in leadership and management at Cal State LA, USC and UCLA.


Enrollment for the Spring 2020 Professional Certificate in Leadership program will open late Fall 2019. Please check back soon.


For more information about the Professional Certificate in Leadership program, please contact the College of Professional and Global Education at Cal State LA via email or (323) 343-4915.