BA in Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies option emphasizes cross-cultural understanding in local and global contexts, applying academic knowledge and information to current issues as well as public and real-world environments. Along the way it helps students develop their skills in writing and communicating across disciplines, contexts, and media.

LBS 3010 Interdisciplinary -Investigation     

LBS 3020 Writing the Interdisciplinary Essay

LBS 3600 Interdisciplinary - Approaches to Culture and Society

LBS 2340 Multicultural Arts L.A.

PHIL 3850 Measurement of Human Difference

LBS 3200 Historical Concepts of Ability and Disability      

PHIL 3730  Adult Life and Aging

COMM 3890 Intercultural Communication in Civic Contexts         

ENGL 3030 Professional and Technical Writing     

PHIL 2200 Contemporary Moral and Social Issues

LBS 2400 Introduction to Environmental Humanities        

LBS/COMM 3840 Globalization, Culture, and Communication     

ENGL 3700 Understanding the World through Contemporary Literature

TVF 3280 Film History         

LBS 4100 National Identity, Race, and Popular Culture

LBS 4340 Public Culture

LBS 4610 Public Humanities and Community Learning      

COMM 4310 Principles and Practices of Public Relations   

LBS 4890 Senior Project               

LBS 4900 Pro-seminar in Liberal Studies