Students must successfully complete the following required courses (listed in sequential order):

BUS 591
Introduction to Big Data
Access to data is becoming the ultimate competitive advantage as we are now collecting and converting large amount of data into digital forms. By utilizing user cases, this course will introduce students to the basics of Big Data and Hadoop data intensive computing strategies and architecture.

BUS 592
Predictive Analytics Modeling
This course will focus on utilizing tools and methods such as statistical forecasting for predicting future results and therefore enhancing decision-making.

BUS 593
Predictive Marketing Analytics
This course will prepare managers to use a variety of predictive data-driven models and techniques to understand customers, improve results, and facilitate strategic decision-making. 

BUS 595
Integrated Business Simulation
This course will review applications used in real-world business cases. Students will engage in decision-making simulations using large and diverse masses of data.

Students must earn a minimum 3.0 GPA in order to receive the certificate.