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2005 Film Events
April 29, 30, and May 1, 2005

SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2005-Day Three
Unless indicated as Free, all other programs require an admission payment.

11:00am-12:30pm PROGRAM 6
Cine Politics
(Luckman Intimate Theatre)

West Coast Premiere
(Prods. Amy Savitsky, Annette Jones, Arelys Carballo, Writ. Arelys Carballo, Dir. Dan Perez, 2005, Drama, Video, 16 mins., USA, English).
When given a chance to chase her dreams, a young woman puts her faith in the hands of a charming stranger. A powerful and heartbreaking tale of love, obligation, family, deceit, and greed, Toxic explores the darkest recesses of the human heart, raising questions about human nature, family ties, and whether destiny is a matter of chance or choice. Arelys Carballo works for E! International as a Program Planner and received her Masters Degree in Producing for Film and Video from American University in Washington, D.C. Dan Perez has worked with broadcast and cable networks, studios, syndicators, has earned Emmys in entertainment, documentary, news, sports, and children's programming and is an adjunct professor at American University's School of Communication where he teaches Visual Media.

Los Angeles Premiere
Dominance and Terror
(Prod./Dir. Roberto S. Oregal, 2004, Documentary, DVD, 15 min., USA, English). An engaging audio and visual rendering of Noam Chomsky's ideas on terrorism, world domination and survival.

California Premiere
(Prod./Writ./Dir. Vagabond, 2004, Drama, DVD, 55 mins., USA, English).
Definitions, ideas, and notions of terrorism in a post-9/11 world are challenged in this
explosively controversial and original film. An experimental narrative traces the parallel and intersecting stories of three characters, each uniquely embodying themes of Puerto Rican colonial history, oppression, opposition, resistance, and revolution. The story is shaped around three songs that move from hardcore be-bop to abstract Afro-Latin rhythms, written and performed by the Puerto Rican Punk band RICANSTRUCTION. The film stars Isaach de Bankolé (Ghost Dog, Coffee and Cigarettes) and RICANSTRUCTION lead singer, Not4Prophet.

1:00pm-2:30pm PROGRAM 7
Distal Myopia

(Luckman Intimate Theatre)

Los Angeles Premiere
No Se Vive, Se Sobrevive
(Prod./Dir. Jose Arriaga, 2004, Experimental, DVD, 5:11, USA, English w/subtitles). A unique view of the difficulties an immigrant encounters while achieving his "American Dream."

Los Angeles Premiere
Un Tren para Volverte a Ver/A Train to See You Again
(Prod./Dir. Luis Ulloa, Writ. James Drown/Luis Ulloa, Drama, Video, 25 mins., USA-Mexico, English w/subtitles)
Two young Mexicans confront complexities of the Latina/o immigrant experience when they try to flee to Mexico in order to escape the post-9/11 "American Dream."

East Los Premiere

(Prod. Rebecca Gallegos, Writ./Dir. Mildred Inez Lewis, 2004, Drama, DVD,
23:11, USA, English).
The story of Lupe, a young Latina, whose parents have begun a free fall into drugs and despair. When Lupe's father dumps her on her racist white grandmother, the two women are forced to try to become a family.

East Los Premiere
Los Unidos/ The United Ones

(Prods. Javier Frigerio, Rene Herrera, Roque Santana,
Writ./Dir. Francisco Ramirez, 2004, Drama, DVD, 19 mins., USA,
Spanish w/subtitles).
Martin and his family came to "El Norte" in efforts to realize the "American Dream." The dream for Martin has turned to a nightmare, losing both of his loved ones, shortly after arriving in Los Angeles. Among the few people left in his suddenly lonely existence, is his neighbor Tony who was well on his way to becoming a doctor in Mexico when reality shifted. Tony's then girlfriend became pregnant, leaving him with the only option that seemed rational, heading north to give his unborn daughter a better life. With no solace in their US lives, both Martin and Tony take desperate action. In their plans of retaliating against the local drug lord who sold Martin's brother his last drug score, they find themselves at the point of no return.

World Premiere
Lejos del Sol/Far from the Sun (Writ./Prod./Dir. Javier Prato, 2004, Drama, DVD, 15 mins., USA, Spanish and English w/subtitles). An Argentine married couple immigrates to the U.S. with their disabled son in hope of
finding a better economic life. After relocating they encounter the barriers of being in a country far away from close relatives and familiar traditions.

3:00pm-4:00pm Spoken Word:
In Lak Ech (Luckman Intimate Theatre)
Made possible by CSULA Rockefeller Humanities Residency Program

4:30pm-5:30pm PROGRAM 8
The Driverz Licenz Project
(Luckman Intimate Theatre)
Made possible by the Virginia E. Smith Endowment in Poetry and Poetics, CSULA Rockefeller Humanities Residency Program, and Department of English, Department of Modern Languages

Driverz Licenz Project
A multimedia performance by poet/performance artist, Juan Felipe Herrera, graffiti artist, Nuke and Video Artist, Adan Avalos.

6:00pm-7:30pm PROGRAM 9
2005 Tribute and Honor Program
(Luckman Intimate Theatre)

Chismosa y Manteca en Jealousy

(Prod./Writ./Dir. Aurora Sarabia, 2004, Comedy/Drama,
DVD, 7 mins., USA, English).
Transformation of the physical and emotional self are used to tell a story about friendship, love and betrayal. Two roommates, one with low self-esteem, the other with too much alter ego, quarrel over a relationship gone astray. This entertainingly twisted, comedy also pays tribute to silent films. Fourth generation Chicana from Stockton, California decided to become a filmmaker while she was a Conservation of Resource Studies major at U.C. Berkeley. She has since made over ten short films and is currently working on an episodic piece regarding culture and self-identity. Ms. Sarabia states, "As a Chicana filmmaker, I attempt to create stories that break away from stereotypical 'Latin' characterizations that have been emphasized by the entertainment industry. The topics that form my narratives tend not to fall nicely within any specific genre."

2005 Tribute Film
Only Once In a Lifetime

(Prod. Moctesuma Esparza, Alejandro Grattan, Dir./Writ. Alejandro Grattan, 1979, Drama, Video, 97 mins., USA, English).
In 1979, Only Once in a Lifetime, premiered in Texas at the San Antonio Film Festival. The reaction was, according to the city s largest newspaper, The Express-News, "thunderous applause and a standing ovation." A few days later, the film earned another standing ovation at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Then to more accolades at the Academy Award Theater in Beverly Hills. An offer followed from the First Family of Mexico to host a premiere in Mexico City. The 97-minute film, a "generic first" according to the Los Angeles Times, collected outstanding reviews wherever it played, which led to the movie being selected as an "Official United States Entry" at the prestigious Deauville Film Festival in France. Based loosely on Alejandro Grattan's novel of the same name, it is the story of a Chicano artist, Dominguez who is going through a difficult period of mourning for his recently deceased wife. Living alone with their dog and painting in a style that no one will buy, Dominguez struggles to recover from his loss while negotiating the attentions of a friendly schoolteacher and the support of a concerned social worker.

7:30pm-8:30pm Rasquache Honors Ceremony (Luckman Intimate Theatre)

Join Reel Rasquache 2005 and emcee, Chicana comedian Monica Palacios, as we recognize and celebrate the Rasquache 2005 Career Achiever recipient, renown producer, writer, entertainment industry executive, Emmy winner, Academy Award nominee, education leader, Mr. Moctesuma Esparza. The Career Achiever Award honors one whose body of work is not only prolific but also a national treasure, a career that embodies the tremendous scope and rich diversity of Latino experience and historical contributions in the U.S. Consistently, the body of Moctesuma Esparza's works epitomizes the highest and most profound functions of media - to educate, to empower, to democratize.

Native Californian Monica Palacios is a writer/performer whose one woman shows: Queer Soul, A 20 Year Retrospective; Besame Mucho; My Body and Other Parts; Confessions...A Sexplosion of Tantalizing Tales; Latin Lezbo Comic, and Greetings from a Queer Señorita have been seen across the country and Off Broadway. Ms. Palacios was featured in a PBS documentary directed by filmmaker Arthur Dong. Monica is an adjunct professor at UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, UC Riverside, and Cal State L.A.. She has taught writing and performing classes at U.C. Berkeley; Stanford; University of Texas, San Antonio; University of Massachusetts, Smith College, Loyola Marymount. Monica's performances and publications continue to be studied in college curriculums throughout the country and internationally.

8:30pm-9:30pm Rasquache Honors Reception (Luckman Intimate Theatre Lobby)

Cap off this festive closing program with great conversation, delicious food and refreshing beverages in honor of Mr. Moctesuma Esparza and in toast to Reel Rasquache 2006. Quesadilla bar, appetizers, beverages and wine will be served.


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Fri. April 29, 2005

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Day Three
Sun. May 1, 2005


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