CSULA Department of Philosophy M.A. Degree

We would like to welcome our new MA students who will be joining our program Fall 2011! We look forward to an exciting year of MA seminars, invited speakers, activities of the philosophy club, etc. In past summers we have been able to provide advising to incoming students over the summer. We are not able to do so this summer due to budget cuts. We will be scheduling an information session for all new MA students on September 15th. (In early September, we will send you an email with the time of day for  this event.) However, we would like you to enroll in classes as soon as possible.  So, prior to the official advising meeting on Sept. 15, but after reading the MA program requirements carefully, please register for courses this Fall that will likely enable you to make progress toward your MA degree and that look interesting to you. Faculty teaching seminars send out course descriptions a few weeks before term begins. We realize that you may need to make changes to your fall schedule after you meet with an advisor on Sept. 15, but we need to demonstrate early in the registration period that our enrollments are robust in both our 400 and 500 level courses. Otherwise, classes are subject to cancellation before the term begins. Those of you who are applying for Financial Aid through the University will need to have an approved MA program as part of your Financial Aid Application. We have arranged to have programs available for that purpose. Please contact the department. 

Thank You,
Talia Bettcher
Chair, Philosophy Dept.