CSULA Department of Philosophy Student Placement

Student placement into Ph.D. Programs (in Philosophy unless otherwise noted) and Law Schools in recent years:


M.A. Student Year   Ph.D. Program or Law School* Thesis Area**

John Klyng


Harbor College (LACC) , tenure-track instructor


John Dail


NYU, Medical Ethics


Jae Choe


UCLA, Philosophy


Jared Gee


UC Riverside, Comparative Literature


Nate Greely

2015 UC San Diego (Philosophy)  

Ben Futernick




Alysha Kassam


UC Irvine (LPS: Logic and Philosophy of Science)


Theresa Cheng Ph.D.


Neuro-Psychology, U. Oregon (currently postdoc at Harvard)


Pedro Viramontes


Berkeley Law School

Victor Morales 2014 UC Riverside (Political Science) N/A
Joerg Van Corva 2014 University of Pisa N/A
Douglas Wadle 2014 USC N/A
Melvin Freitas 2014 Central European University (Budapest) N/A
Adam Sanders 2013 University of California, Irvine N/A
Devon Dickinson 2012 University of Nebraska, Lincoln N/A
Andres Garza 2012 Stanford (Modern Thought & Lit.) Epistemology
Rodolfo Giorgi 2012 University of Pisa N/A
Hector Guzman 2012 SUNY Buffalo N/A
Michelle Chasman 2011 UC Hastings College of the Law Human Rights
Ali Mohsen 2011 SUNY Stony Brook Phenomenology
Michael Hatcher 2010 USC Phil Mind
Matt Leonard 2010 UC Davis; transferred to USC Logic
Jeremy Gomer 2009 UC San Diego Epistemology
Daniel Kono 2009 UC Riverside (Political Science) N/A
Yuichi Minemura 2008 SUNY Buffalo Phil Science
Scott Tidwell 2008 UCLA Phil Math
Peter Yong 2008 UC San Diego Phil Mind
Ramon Cisneros 2007 Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley Phil Science
Aaron Mead 2007 UCLA Virtue Ethics
Jeff Roop 2007 Claremont Graduate Univ. (Religion) Epistemology
Alex Bundy 2006 UC Santa Barbara Phil Language
Matt Darmalingum 2006 Stanford Epistemology
Eugene Park 2006 Indiana University Rational Choice
Luka Yovetich 2004 USC Metaethics
Vahe Shirikjian 2003 USC Metaethics
Maury Jackson 2002 Claremont Graduate Univ. (Religion) Phil Religion
Patrick Muñoz 2002 Stanford Law School Social/Political
Thomas Doyle 2001 UC Irvine Phil Religion
Randall Firestone 2000 UC Irvine Phil Religion
Ahmed Alwishah 1999 UCLA (Near Eastern Studies) History/Islamic
Robert Gero 1999 New School University Aesthetics
Steven Kaufman 1999 University of Washington N/A
Mike Allen 1998 Saint Louis University Social/Political
Gregory Bear 1998 University of Minnesota
(History of Science & Technology)
Robert Jones 1998 Stanford Mind/Lang
June Yang 1998 UC Irvine Epistemology
B.A. Student Year Ph.D. Program or Law School*  
Kimberly Chuang 2011 University of Michigan  
Raj Shaw 2011 UCLA Law School  
Nicholas Bronk 2010 Whittier Law School  
David Nagy 2010 CUNY Grad Center  
Jay Schreckengost 2010 Whittier Law School  
Marc Shutman 2008 Loyola Law School  
Nicole McDuffie 2008 Whittier Law School  
Joanna Ghosh 2007 Georgetown Law School  
Brienne de Jong 2004 Rutgers Law School  
Kathleen Holtz 2003 UCLA Law School  
Michael Meyer 2002 Loyola Law School  
Adam Fraser 2001 UCLA Law School  
Brian King 2001 Cambridge University  
Alexander Oses 1998 UCLA (History)  
Holly Parker 1998 Harvard (Psychology)  


* Only the name of the institution the student entered is given—not any others into which acceptance was gained.
** Area is given for students who completed the Thesis Option of the M.A. Program (for Comprehensive Exam Option: N/A).