Chemistry & Biochemistry Emeritus Faculty

Anthony J. Andreoli
Years of Service: 1955-1989
Special Honors:

Costello Brown
Years of Service: 1969-2005
Office: CSWB 221B
Phone: (323) 343-2351

Joseph Casanova
Years of Service: 1961-1994
Special Honors: Outstanding Professor: CSLA and Statewide
Office: CSWB 221B
Phone: (323) 343-2333

    Douglas L. Currell
    Years of Service: 1957-1991

    Phoebe K. Dea
    Years of Service: 1976-1996
    Special Honors:

    Lloyd N. Ferguson
    Years of Service: 1965-1986
    Special Honors:

    Anthony Fratiello
    Years of service:
    Office: CSWB 221A
    Phone: (323) 343-2326
    • Outstanding Professor: CSLA


    David M Frisch
    Years of Service: 1959-1981

    Harold Goldwhite
    Years of Service: 1962-2004
    • Outstanding Professor: CSLA and statewide


    Sigmund Jaffe
    Years of Service: 1958-1986
    Special Honors:

    Stuart A. Johnson
    Years of Service: 1953-1977

    Richard Keys
    Years of Service: 1959-1996

    Hendrik Keyzer
    Years of Service: 1967-1995
    Special Honors:

    Anthony Moye
    Years of Service: 1962-1996

    Thomas P. Onak
    Years of Service: 1959-1997
    Special Honors:

    Donald Paulson
    Years of Service: 1970-2003
    • President's Distinguished Professor CSLA


    Stanley Pine
    Years of Service: 1964-1998
    • Outstanding Professor: CSLA


    Rashad E. Razouk
    Years of Service: 1968-1978

    John R. Spielman
    Years of Service: 1961-1985















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