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The synthetic chemists at CSLA have the facilities

to work with air and moisture sensitive compounds, separate complex

mixtures and monitor transition metal mediated processes.


Professor Tunstad and MARC fellow Jose Nunez check

the growth of crystals.

MARC fellow Jose Nunez and Professor Tunstad distilling

solvent using the rotary evaporator.

Dr. Paulson and an undergraduate

honors student discuss her latest kinetic results on the addition

of CO to ruthenium myoglobin

A graduate student prepares samples

of apomyoglobin for reconstitution with a ruthenium substituted


An undergraduate honors student

adds CO to a sample of ruthenium myoglobin

A glove box is another

way to work with oxygen and moisture sensitive compounds.

A graduate student analyzes

a reaction mixture on a gas chromatograph

Undergraduate students

working with oxygen and moisture sensitive compounds on a Schlenk


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