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Analytical chemistry is much more than titrations!

Characterizing molecules like DNA bound on surfaces with several

techniques and analyzing mixtures of low concentrations of metals

are examples of work performed in our analytical chemist's laboratories.


Dr. Zhous is working on the Scanning

Electrochemical Microscope

Two graduate students are working

on the photodiode array UV-visible spectrophotometer.

Julien Vincent is analyzing inorganic

anions in airborne particles on the ion-exchange chromotography


Eva Huang is conducting surface

analysis using atomic force/scanning tunneling microscope.

Alfred Baca is performing flow-injection

inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry to detect

metals at trace levels.

Raymond Sanedrin is measuring surface

activities with a contact angle garniometer.

Julien Vincent is trouble-shooting

the gradient HPLC system.

A graduate student is doing voltammetric

experiments using a fully computer-controlled electrochemical workstation.

An electrochemical quartz crystal

microbalance has been set up for the study of ion transport in redox

active films and conducting polymers.

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