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The biochemists in the Department study important

problems from aging processes, enzyme structure and function, breast

cancer and diet and heart disease using state of the art techniques.


Dr. Momand checks a sample

Arabidopsis plants growing in the lab.

Student performing a differential display experiment

to clone genes that exhibit a change in expression as Arabidopsis

plants enter the reproductive phase of life.

Graduate student examining differential display

results in preparation for PCR amplification of the age-regulated

gene fragments.

Undergraduate research student loading an agarose

gel with analytical restriction digests of potential antioxidant

transgene clones.

Undergraduate students use an ultracentrifuge

to fractionate blood serum.

Dr. Jamil Momand is showing a graduate student

how to load a gel electrophoresis apparatus

A graduate is using a spectrophotometer to determine

the protein concentration of a sample.

A CSLA graduate student is culturing human breast

cancer cells in a tissue culture hood in the laboratory of Dr. Jamil


Dr. Jamil Momand, is placing a sample into a refrigerated

clinical centrifuge to concentrate cancer cells.

A graduate student, is using an

inverted Leica microscope to inspect cancer cells.

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