CSULA Department of Art: Overview


Art is the aesthetic study of humankind's aspirations and accomplishments. The degree programs of the Department of Art provide a comprehensive background in history, theory and specialized skills that students need to achieve their career goals in the visual arts.

The BA program in Art begins with basic courses in art history and foundation studies that lead to advanced instruction in the following options: Design, Studio Arts, Art Education, Art History, Animation, and Fashion and Textiles. The Art Education Option prepares students to enter the Single Subject Credential program. Students may also develop special majors, such as design and marketing, or art and technology. Certificate programs are available in Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Fashion Merchandising.

The MA program in Art provides an opportunity for students to increase artistic growth , and gain a strong educational and experiential basis for a professional career in the visual arts. The degree is offered in the following options: Design, Studio Arts, Art Education, Art History, and Fashion and Textiles.

The MFA program in Art provides rigorous study for students with a strong direction and focus in art and a high level of technical proficiency. The program is highly selective and provides advanced study in preparation for professional careers in art or teaching in higher education. The degree is offered in the Studio Arts and Design options.

Cooperative Education and professional internship opportunities allow degree credit for related fieldwork in museums, galleries, schools, and media industries.

Faculty members in the Department of Art are artists, scholars, and designers who have won numerous awards and wide recognition in their professional fields. Art History faculty have published books and articles, delivered lectures, and maintained major archeological field work sites in Europe and the Middle East. Artists and designers have exhibited in major museums and galleries, published books, presented workshops, performed commissions, and served as consultants to many businesses, museums, and organizations. Computer graphics faculty members have organized projects for ACM SIGGRAPH national conferences. Our faculty's professional commitment provides the career focus vital to students' goals.

Artmaking requires a certain personal vision and passion. Visual forms and images provide a new language for human expression and communication.
Young artists and designers embark on the most exciting experiences of their lives — the journey into the creative process, an uncharted world of new symbols and images. The faculty and programs at Cal State L.A. nurture students. They allow them to develop their full potential as individuals and practicing artists.

California State University, Los Angeles is emerging as an important arts university in California, with a new level of prestige and rapid growth in a variety of areas. Now is the best time to discover the outstanding programs at this preeminent urban institution.