Disability Access

Guest Seating

A section of the seating area will be reserved for guests with disabilities. The guest can bring one additional person to accompany them at the designated location.

Please note that parking in close proximity to the event may not be possible, therefore, long distances and stairs may be encountered. It is the responsibility of the graduating candidate to survey routes to the event area before Commencement and inform guests who may have a disability of what to expect.



Guests with a DMV disabled person parking placard or disabled person plates must display the placard/plates upon entering the campus. Officers will direct them to park in designated lots in close proximity to the ceremony. Persons needing special assistance are encouraged to arrive one hour before the Commencement ceremony.

If you have a guest with physical limitations that does not own a disabled placard, please stop by the Parking and Transportation Service Center (Parking Lot 3) a couple of days before Commencement to obtain a special permit for a designated lot (up to two permits per graduate). If your guests require a wheelchair, please make sure arrangements are made on your own according to specific needs.


Graduating Candidates

Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at (323) 343-3140 by May 27, 2016 for assistance with check-in, pre-seating, and the procession. A sign-language interpreter will be on stage and on the jumbo screen throughout the ceremonies.