LMS Taskforce


Cal State LA's Strategic Planning efforts and our focus on the Graduation 2025 initiative provide us with an opportunity to consider how the university Learning Management System (LMS), currently Moodle, can best meet student and faculty needs. In 2016, The CSU Chancellor's Office began a system-wide Learning Platform Services (LPS) task force to investigate LMS priorities for the CSU system. During this time a system-wide request for proposals (RFP) for Learning Platforms and Services (LPS) began. Part of this RFP was the development of the website (www.csulps.com) which contains informative resources (interviews, webinars, references).

Cal State L.A. is currently conducting its own needs assessment for our campus LMS as part of our local effort. The Academic Information Resources Subcommittee of the Academic Senate (AIRS) has been enlisted to collect data on faculty preferences, including desired features of the LMS.

Below, you will see the planned milestones in the LMS evaluation process


The initial phase is data collection to help determine whether the current Moodle environment meets our campus’ needs. Surveys were administered to faculty, staff, and student stakeholders to determine the campus’ LMS needs and their satisfaction with the campus’ current LMS (Moodle). Concurrently, an LMS Taskforce will define requirements and considerations for a new LMS (e.g., PeopleSoft integration, single sign-on requirements, security requirements, accessibility considerations, staffing needs and upcoming competing priorities, budget considerations, etc.). This will help target which LMS options to explore.

MILESTONE COMPLETED: The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL), in collaboration with the Academic Information Resources Subcommittee (AIRS) of the Academic Senate, collected data on Moodle usage, as well as the LMS needs of faculty, staff and students. Online surveys were disseminated between December 2016 through March 2017. Over 1,400 respondents responded to the surveys.

Click here for results on the faculty survey

Click here for results on the staff survey

Click here for results on the student survey


Currently, the CSU Chancellor’s Office has signed Master Enabling Agreements (MEAs) with three LMS vendors. If the campus stakeholders identify that a new LMS would meet more of the campus’ needs, we will explore which LMS with an MEA could be a good fit.

Planned activities:

  • Analyze collected data and define important LMS considerations
  • Hold additional focus groups and/or interviews with campus stakeholders
  • Draft LMS rubric from needs analysis data (define and prioritize campus’ needs based on collected data)
  • Provide vendor demos to campus
  • Narrow down the vendor options and test using LMS sandboxes
  • Plan town halls and feedback from vendor demos and testing

MILESTONES COMPLETED: In April 2017, AIRS coordinated LMS demonstrations from all LMS vendors who were awarded Master Enabling Agreements (MEAs) from the CSU LPS RFP. All Cal State LA faculty, staff and students were invited to attend these demonstrations and provide their feedback on these LMS options. The agenda of each demonstration was determined by feedback from the online surveys previously given to the campus community.


Canvas by Instructure
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Click here to view recorded demo

Blackboard Learn
Thursday, April 20, 2017
Click here to view recorded demo

Brightspace by Desire to Learn (D2L)
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Click here to view recorded demo (Access Password: D2L)

MoodleRooms Hosting
Thursday, April 27, 2017
Click here to view recorded demo

All Cal State LA faculty, staff and students are asked to provide their feedback on each LMS option at:

Feedback will help determine the next steps in the campus’ LMS evaluation process.