Moodle 2.8

Coming soon: Moodle 3.0!

What’s New in Moodle 2.8

Beginning with Summer 2015 courses, Cal State L.A. will be upgrading to Moodle version 2.8. This is part of a regular system upgrade. Moodle users will experience a streamlined text editor which will auto-save text when you leave the page. In addition, Moodle 2.8 has many Gradebook enhancements such as an improved grader report, a new grade history report, and new “single view” which allows you to either view all of the grades of one student, or a single grade item for all students.  In addition, Moodle assignments can now have a grade over 100 points.

To access the new Moodle 2.8 version:

Moodle 2.8 mycsula portal icon



  1. Log into the myCSULA Portal at
  2. From the Quicklaunch Menu, click the purple Moodle 2015-2016 icon.
  3. You should then be launched into the new Moodle 2015-2016 environment.


To access older Moodle versions:

Login to the myCSULA Portal at After you login click on the Moodle icon. You will then find the links to previous Moodle versions under the Previous Moodle versions block on the new screen, located on the upper right hand-side.

previous Moodle versions block

To copy content in Moodle:

  • As always you may use Simple Restore to copy content to Moodle 2.8.
  • Continue to use the Backup and Restore process if the course that you need to copy content from is not available in the Simple restore.

New features in Moodle 2.8:

Visit to see a complete list of new features within Moodle 2.8:

Using the new ATTO editor:


Moodle 2.8 ATTO Text Editor

Moodle 2.8 has a new text editor. By default, it is collapsed to show only basic editing tools. The ATTO Text Editor also sports an Auto-save feature which will save your work every minute!

Click the button in the upper left-hand corner to expand the text editor. Hovering over other toolbar buttons will display tool tips, which give a brief description of button functionality.

User Menu:

A new User Menu has been added to Moodle, just click on your name in the top right hand corner of Moodle. This gives you access to some of the same features you would have under the My Profile Settings option in the Administration block, only now it is conveniently placed in an easier to reach location.

Moodle 2.8 User Menu

New Gradebook:

Moodle 2.8 brings several new Gradebook features and some changes to the way Gradebook is operated:

  • Grader Report:

    Moodle 2.8 Grader Report

    • The new Grader Report has been improved and allows for more control and a greater viewing area. You can now scroll horizontally or vertically on the page and continue to view assignment titles and student names!

  • Single View:

    Moodle 2.8 Single View

    • Along with improved functionality you can also isolate assignments or individual students in order to grade more easily.  The Single view allows you to batch grade, giving the entire class desired activity points.

  • Categories and Items:

    Moodle 2.8 Catagories and Items

    • This new options replaces the Simple view and Full view functionality.  Previous settings are available through the Item Edit settings. The new Weights column will display the actual weight of each individual item.  This allows for easy implementation of weighted categories and point based course totals.

  • Grade History:

    Moodle 2.8 Grade History

    • The Grade history report allows teachers to select specific students, grade items and/or graders and view the grading history for certain dates.  It is possible to view only revised grades and to download the data in various format such as .csv or an Excel Office spreadsheet.

Forum Enhancements:

There are two new Forum features as part of the Moodle 2.8's upgrades.

  • Subscribe to individual posts:
    Moodle 2.8 Forum Enhancements
    • Users can subscribe to individual forum discussions and get email copies of forum posts.

  • Forum Navigation:
    Moodle 2.8 Forum Navigation
    • Available previous and next thread links make it much easier to move between forums posts.

Improved Quiz Creation:

A new interface makes it simpler to create questions or choose questions from different question bank.Moodle 2.8 Quiz Building

More Choices in Choice Activity:

More than one choice can be made available to users when creating a Choice activity.

Moodle 2.8 More Choices

Assignment files:

You can now add support assignment files to the Moodle assignment activity.  Added files can be include instructions, supplementary material, or prompts.

Moodle 2.8 Assignment Files