Adobe Connect


Adobe Connect supports web meetings and webinars across a variety of devices. In its educational application, it allows instructors to hold lectures or class meetings online, providing a web-based, real-time interaction between professors and students. Adobe Connect meetings could be used for face-to-face lectures, presentations, or online office hours.

Requesting a Connect Meeting Room

Click here to access the Adobe Connect Account Request Form

Host / Presenter

  1. Create and use audio profiles
  2. Create meetings
  3. Start meetings
  4. Start meeting audio
  5. Join audio conference
  6. Record a meeting
  7. Invite attendees and grant or deny access
  8. Share your screen
  9. Share a document or PDF
  10. Share a presentation
  11. View or change an attendee's role
  12. Taking notes in a meeting
  13. Chat in meetings
  14. Place a meeting on hold or end a meeting

*Note: For more information visit the Faculty FAQ Page


  1. Join a meeting
  2. Adjust or mute audio volume
  3. Join audio conference
  4. Broadcast your voice using VoIP
  5. Share webcam video
  6. Share your screen
  7. Chat in meetings
  8. Attending virtual classroom training
  9. Play back a recorded meeting