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Math Walk-In Tutoring

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Math Walk-In Schedule for FALL 2013 (coming soon):

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The first day of Math Walk-In tutoring is September 26, 2013.

  • This is typically for math help, but it can be for other classes as well depending on the tutor that is scheduled for that time.
  • Walk-In tutoring is offered Week 1 to 10, not during finals week.
  • During walk-in hours, you can see a tutor without having to make an appointment.
  • Just sign-in at the UTC front counter, then you can head to the walk-in area where there are assigned tables for the different classes.
  • Be sure to bring your textbook, notes, homework, questions, and writing instruments.
  • Use the signaling device (GREEN up means OKAY and RED up means I HAVE A QUESTION) on the table to indicate to the tutor(s) how you are doing.
  • This is not a one-to-one session, since there may be other students in the walk-in area getting help as well.
  • The tutor(s) will make every effort to work with each student, so please be patient as the tutor(s) make their round around the walk-in area.
  • While waiting for the tutor, you can work on your homework.  This is great area to just study and work on your homework since a tutor is always on call.
  • If you need more individualized help, check out the UTC front counter to schedule a one-to-one appointment.