Perspectives (volume 40 page)

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                   The 1932 Presidential Election: The Tough Minded                    Common Man and the Virtuous Savior                                       By Julia Devin
                   Location, Location, Location: Sex, Respect and                    Femininity at the Golden Gate International Exposition                                       By Krystal Messer
                   “To Thy Self Be True”: Self-Representation in ONE                    magazine, 1953-1955                                                              By Collette Salvatierra
                   Open Borders, Broken Water: the Nixon Administration                    and U.S.-Mexican Relations During the Cold War                                       By Shaine Scarminach
                   Shock Troops of Redevelopment: Los Angeles’ Art                    Community, 1980s                                                                                                      By Rachel Kreisel
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                   The Continuing Evolution of Perspectives
                   Championing a Cause: Toward a Comprehensive                                 History at CSULA
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