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Ita Kreft, Ph. D

Educational Founations

Associate Director:

Chris Givner, Ph.D

Special Education

Steering Committee

Diane Haager, Ph.D

Special Education

Dorothy Keane, Ed.D

Curriculum and Instruction


Educational Foundations

Andrea Zetlin, Ed.D

Special Education

Alan Crawford, Ed.D

Curriculum and Instruction


Program Evaluation and Research Collaborative

California State University, LA

Charter School of Education

PERC was established recently as a result of a desire among faculty to collaborate in research and evaluation projects in education and related service areas.

PERC is designed to provide expertise in evaluation and research design, as well as in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data for research and development projects across a wide area of disciplines.

This collegial cooperation provides clients with access to a wide range of expertise. Having content specialists working in collaboration with methodology and data analysis specialists ensures that services can be customized to meet the unique research needs of the client.

** Have you had a problem locating colleagues to help with the design and statistical aspects of program evaluation and research projects?

** Has a grant you submitted ever been marked down or rejected due to

-- insufficient data collection and/or inadequate data collection design?

-- inability to explain the data analysis?

** Have you done research projects and ended up with a "pile" of data and not known what to do with it?

** Have you had a problem finding statistical computer programs to support data analysis for your research projects?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then PERC may be the place to combine efforts with! We offer services in many areas, such as

- Procedural organization for quantitative and qualitative data collection.

- Data management and selection of appropriate data reduction and analysis procedures.- Analysis of data by statistical software packages, including SPSS, SAS, BMDP, LISREL, EQS, and multilevel analyses.

- Analysis of data by qualitative methods including ethnography and case studies.

California State University LA

School of Education

Director Ita Kreft, Ph. D


Charter School of Education

Dr. Kreft has thirteen years of experience in many different area's of research. She has published in prominent scholarly journals, and is most known for her expertise in data analysis, especially hierarchically nested data. She has been invited to consult on projects in Europe, Asia, and throughout the United States.

Co-Director Chris Givner, Ph. D

Associate Professor

Charter School of Education

with ten years of experience

in different fields of evaluation research Dr. Givner specialized in three areas: effective teaching and learning for students at risk for school failure; the use of technology and research methodologies. She has worked at Johns Hopkins University as a researcher and coordinator of major research studies. Among her many consultant projects was a major one with the State of Vermont.