Program Evaluation and Research Center
California State University, LA
Charter School of Education

PERC was established in 1995 as a result of a desire among faculty to collaborate in research and evaluation projects in education and related service area's.

This collegial cooperation provides clients with access to a wide range of expertise. Having content specialists working in collaboration with methodology and data analysis specialists ensures that services can be customized to meet the unique research needs of the client.

PERC is designed to provide expertise in evaluation and research design, as well as in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data for research and development projects.

Evaluation and research services provided by PERC

  • Project evaluations

  • Development of evaluation and research designs

  • Development of Grant proposals.

  • Survey research

  • Data reduction and data organization

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

  • Interpretation and dissemination of results in report writing

Clients can draw from the rich and diverse experience and expertise present among faculty. The support of PERC can help avoid common pitfalls of evaluation and research, such as

collecting the wrong data as a result of an inadequate sample or data collection design, resulting in invalid or biased data

The data analysis expertise of PERC can help to find the correct way to analyze data and in explaining the results of the analysis.

PERC faculty have expertise in the following research methodologies:

  • Procedural organization for quantitative and qualitative data collection.

  • Data management and selection of appropriate data reduction and analysis procedures.

  • Analysis of data by statistical software packages, including SPSS, SAS, BMDP, LISREL, EQS, and multilevel analyses.

  • Analysis of data by qualitative methods including ethnography and case studies.

Content area's of expertise of the PERC faculty include:

  • Reading and Language Arts

  • Second and Foreign Language Assessment

  • Applied Linguistics

  • ESL Program Evaluation

  • Mathematics Education Reform

  • School Effectiveness Research

  • Counseling Psychology

  • Career Education and Counseling

  • Technology in Learning

  • Internet and World Wide Web

  • Accelerated and Charter Schools

  • Restructuring

  • Special Education

PERC Members

All CSLA faculty in the School of Education are PERC associates.

Founding Members of PERC

  • Alan Crawford, Ed.D

  • Bernardo Gallegos, Ph.D

  • Chris Givner, Ph.D

  • Diane Haager, Ph.D

  • Dorothy Keane, Ed.D

  • Ita Kreft, Ph.D

  • Antony Kunnan, Ph.D

  • Lynda Mitchell, Ph.D

  • Simeon Slovacek, Ph.D

  • James Wiebe, Ph. D

  • Andrea Zetlin, Ed.D


Ita Kreft, Ph. D
Associate Director:

Chris Givner, Ph.D






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