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Meetings and Conferences for 2001-2002

Below is the listed time table for travel arrangements . Plase follow the deadlines to avoid late fees.

 For Travel to occur in the

Date Travel Request form due in MORE Programs Office

Winter Quarter

November 15

Spring Quarter

Ferbruary 15

Summer Quarter

May 15

Fall Quarter

August 15


Besides air transportation and lodging, MBRS-RISE provides for meals ($32/day), incidental costs ($5/day after the first 24 hours), and ground transportation (variable) for each complete day (7 a.m. - 6 p.m.) you are away from home. Partial travel day amounts are prorated.

Travel to meetings during the summer or between quarters is preferred to travel during an academic quarter. There is an opportunity cost: if you are traveling, you are not on campus keeping up with your classes. In any event, you are responsible for high academic achievement. Because of the time demands, travel during an academic quarter by any student with less than a GPA of 3.0 is discouraged.

The MBRS-RISE program office will, on request, contact your instructors to let them know you will miss some classes during the period of your trip. This information is also collected on your MBRS Travel Request Form. The letters will be generated and distributed to your instructors two weeks before you travel.

Remember to submit a travel request form and registration form to the meeting!



30th Anniversary Celebration
"30 Years at the Crossroads: Merging Disciplines and Advancing Diversity"
Albuquerque, New Mexico
October 2-5, 2003

2003 ABRCMS - MARC/MBRS Conference

Oct.15 - Oct. 18, 2003
San Diego, California


2003 ACS National Conference

225th ACS National Meeting 
March 23-27, 2003  New Orleans, Louisiana

2003 ACS Regional Meeting

38th Western Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society
October 15-17, 2003
Long Beach Hilton , Long Beach, CA


Bringing together the elements of Science. March 9-14, 2003, Orlando, Florida.

Abstracts Deadline: Thursday, August 8, 2002


2002 SCURR

Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research

Abstracts Deadline: October 11, 2002


2003 NOBCChe

The 30th Annual Conference of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemist and Chemical Engineers, April 13-19, 2003 Indianapolis, Indiana

Abstract Deadline: Friday, December 6, 2002


2003 Socitey for Philosophy and Psychology

The 29th Annual Meeting for the Socitey fo Philosophy and Psychology, June 18-21, 2003, at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.



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