Exploring Anti-Asian Prejudice Using a Racial Identity and Color-Blindness Framework

The authors are as follows:

Eric L. Kohatsu, Ph.D., *Shannen Vong, B.A., *Andrea Salazar, B.A., Michelle Flores, Gloria Wong, B.A., Nelson Martinez, B.A., & Shizue Mizukami, B.A.

*= indicates that both are co-authors

The abstract:

Racism and discrimination affect all people of color including Asian Americans, even though they are seen as the "model minority" group. For instance, the injurious Model Minority Myth has functioned as a disguise for the racism that Asian Americans have dealt with.  Asian Americans continue to face the negative consequences of racial stereotyping that comes from stereotypes like the Model Minority Myth (Lee, 2004). In fact the seemingly positive stereotypes that come from the Model Minority Myth like overcompetence is in fact a negative and harmful stereotype. Because it not only puts pressure on the individual but also is juxtaposed with the negative stereotype that Asian Americans also lack social skills Lin, Kwan, Cheung & Fiske, 2005).   

Andrea Salazar