Poster Abstract

Fall 2012 Biomedical Seminar Series

October 8 , 2012

RNase H and Prometheus: Contending with Survival of the fittest

Dr. Andrew Campbell
Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Brown University

RNase H and Prometheus: Contending with Survival of the fittest Abstract: Ribonucleases H (RNases H) are enzymes found in virtually all biological systems which are required for nucleic acid replication. The enzymes may be particularly useful targets for drug inhibition studies in human pathogens such as bacterial pathogens, protozoal pathogens and viral pathogens. Mutations which alter or abolish RNase H activity and function often alter and/or abolish replication and growth and this validates their use as therapeutic drug targets. Genetic mutations in RNases H genes often lead to drug resistance and this limits their use as exploitable targets in the treatment of many disease. This talk will discuss the development of systems for exploiting RNase H as a therapeutic target and will discuss development of an in vivo screening systems for drug screens that specifically target this enzyme in retrovirus and other human pathogens. it will also discuss the capacity of the system to anticipate future mutations that may confer drug resistance.


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