Poster Abstract

Fall 2012 Biomedical Seminar Series

October 19 , 2012

"The Hosthogen Genome in 3D"

Dr. JJ Miranda,
Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
University of California, San Francisco

Abstract: "The human genome is not a linear sequence, but rather a contorted knot of chromosomes in the three-dimensional space of the nucleus. The transcription community is now starting to realize that chromosomes do not work in isolation. Long-range interactions regulate gene expression. Interchromosomal associations are prevalent. This innovation, however, has not been applied to viral infections. We still talk of host and pathogen genomes as if they are independent. I contend that these genomes are not separate, but rather an intertwined entity best referred to as a “hosthogen” genome. We seek to define the topology of this genome."

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