Cracking the Chemical Code

Michael Leon
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
University of California, Irvine

Abstract: Our strategy to understand the olfactory code has involved four approaches. In the first, we determined whether the system encodes odorants in their entirety, or whether it encodes odorants by representing combinations of molecular features that add together to comprise a neural picture of each odorant. We found evidence for both mechanisms. Our second strategy examined the ways that such features are represented in the olfactory system. We stimulated rats with odorants that differed greatly in their molecular structure to be able to identify a set of odorant feature response domains. Our third approach asked how odorants with very small differences in molecular structure are coded, and we found systematic differences in the representation of such features within response domains. Finally, we were able to predict odor perception from the neural representations of odorants that differed in only a single aspect of their structure.

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Department web site: http://neurobiology.uci.edu