Friday, April 3

“Analyzing Latino racial perceptions and contact with Asians: A mixed-method approach”

Michelle Flores
MBRS-RISE MS to PhD Scholar

Abstract: Latinos and Asians are often overlooked in the literature pertaining to racism and racial contact (Kohatsu et al., 2000, 2008). Interracial dynamics are mistakenly conveyed primarily as a Black-White issue. Thus, scant research has examined Latinos’ racial perceptions of Asians. The purpose of this study was to examine the quality of racial interactions between Latinos and Asians by comparing cognitive, behavioral, and affective dimensions of racial contact using Helms’ racial identity theory. Latinos (N = 200) were surveyed with quantitative measures as well as qualitative items. Using hierarchical regression for the quantitative analysis, racial identity was found to be a strong predictor of Latinos’ overall impressions of Asians (R2 = 10 %). Additionally, participants classified under the three most predominant qualitative themes (Struggle 32%, Pride 24%, Non-Acceptance 23%) were compared in scores to the rest of the sample on a variety of racial contact variables. Qualitative data converged in theoretically consistent ways with participants’ responses to racial identity and other quantitative measures.