Dr. Christopher Hollinsed abstract


April 9, 2004

Disruptive Innovations In the Chemical Industry: Lessons from History about
the Future of the Industry

W. Christopher Hollinsed, Ph.D.
Sr. Research Associate
DuPont Central Research and Development

The Educational Adjustment of Youth from Immigrant Families


The modern chemical industry suffers from dependence on an asset based
business model in which cost competition is causing profitability to be
almost completely squeezed out of the picture. As a result the industry is
undergoing a series of responses e.g. consolidation, divestitures and
shifts to higher value related businesses such as life sciences. Chemicals
and materials however continue to be a significant part of commerce and
daily life. Why is the perceived value of materials and chemicals as low as
it has become and how can materials providers get an appropriate share of
the profits anticipated in the economy of the future? Was life in this
industry always like this? What happened in the past that can help us
understand the present and plan for the future?


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