Friday, April 25, 2008

Academic and non-academic factors as predictors of academic outcomes for Latino and Asian American college students.

Anita Mihecoby
            The current study explored the effect of academic (academic motivation & degree goals) and non-academic (caretaking, chores, & hours worked) predictors on GPA of 268 Latino (71 male, 197 female) and 177 Asian American college freshmen (72 male, 108 female). Mean age was 18.07 years (SD = 1.72).
             Results showed that Latino students had significantly higher academic motivation, degree goal, and non-academic responsibilities compared to Asian American students. Non-academic responsibilities negatively predicted GPA for the overall sample and among the Latino students. Only among Asian American students, high degree goal positively predicted GPA. SES was also a positive predictor of GPA for the overall sample, and for Asian American students.
             The lower academic performance for some Latinos may be partially due to a competing demand to assist the family (Fuligni, 1999) and the need to work to support themselves for their family.

Fuligni, A. J., Tseng, V., & Lam, M. (1999). Attitudes towards family obligations among American adolescents with             Asian, Latin American, and European American backgrounds. Child Development, 70, 1030-1044.

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