September 28, 2007

CT Imaging (CAT scans) as a Biomarker for Lung Cancer: Detection, Characterization and Evaluation of Treatment” 
Lung Cancer is the leading cancer killer, responsible for more cancer deaths than the next three cancers combined; also more women die from lung cancer than from breast cancer each year.  Development of successful treatment options has been very slow, with lung cancer death rates staying nearly constant over the last several decades. This seminar will discuss recent technical advances in x-ray CT imaging and the implications for its role in the early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer as well as recent interest in the use of CT imaging as a biomarker for the disease.  In this last application, CT may be used to accurately and rapidly assess the response of patients to therapeutic agents. In combination with contrast agents, the results of CT imaging may provide insight into not just changes in anatomic structure (did the tumor grow or not), but insight into function as well.
References (attached)
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