Matt Cheung presents LaaF13... When am I? What am I doing here? Time Travel as a Motif for the Examination of Personal and Social Identity


Matt Cheung presents LaaF13...

When am I? What am I doing here?

Time Travel as a Motif for the Examination of Personal and Social Identity

Sunday, May 17, 2009


ABSTRACT: On Laaf’s one year anniversary I will discuss recurring motifs in time travel fiction. Why do authors use time travel as a conceit to tell stories? What are the purposes? I will also provide a brief background on actual theories about time travel and show how those inform time travel fiction.

SPEAKER BIO: As one of the youngest English professors at El Camino Community College, Matthew Cheung is frequently found discussing current events, literature and superheroes with a gaggle of impressionable coeds. He can also be found schooling other professors in online Scrabble and cracking the joke of the night. Professor Cheung is possibly the most well-versed critic of writing that LaaF has ever had, so his reviews will be ruthlessly edited for structure and grammar.

Film: Back to the Future (1985)

Food: Anniversary Ramen

(the ramen we had at the first ever LaaF

BEFORE it became LaaF)

When: Sunday, May 17, 2009,

the one year anniversary of LaaF

Where: Ji & Jinna's apt

A Review for Matt's Lecture (from the FUTURE!!!)


I have endured. Their scorn and their pity I have endured. Some say that I am a blasphemer, dancing with the devil upon unholy ground. Others say that I am ill of mind, and bereft of office. Which is worse, I cannot say. But no more shall I have their arrows to endure. It has now been two full, long-suffered days since my research was begun in earnest. It was two nights ago that I returned from a lecture on time travel by Prof. Matthew Cheung hosted by the LaaF think tank. That evening I listened as the professor shared his genius with our coterie, till I could listen no more for my heart was bursting in anticipation. Nobody recognized the import of that night, save me. I do not think even the professor was aware of the ramifications of his anachronism theories. His keen insights compelled me to take up once more the aspiration of my youth, when all the world lay before me, and I had not yet become that broken and destitute man prostrate before the closing door of progress. Applying the theories to my time maps and schematics has given me the breakthrough that I sought. Now I tell you, I have built it: the time machine. The chariot to the heavens exists, and I am its designer. Its first passenger shall be this very log: I am sending it to an earlier date as proof of what I have done. Its companion will be a brief of notes on Cheung's lecture. My former self will know what to do with them. I pray that it succeeds, for if not, tomorrow may never come... >>>DIGITAL.SIGNATURE.JEZREEL.LEUNG>>>30>>>]]]





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