Rules of LaaF (not so much rules as what to expect)


Rules of LaaF

(not so much rules as what to expect)


1st RULE: You do not talk about LaaF.

Just kidding. You can. You can even invite folks to join.

2nd RULE: You will be fed. Good rule.

3rd RULE: You will meet a random group of random people who all appreciate a good powerpoint presentation.

Most of us are either Miles, Ji, or Julie's friends and are from Holiness or the Garden but most anyone is welcome.

4th RULE: You will watch the movie respectfully.

Laughing is always encouraged. Singing, when appropriate, is also fine. Loudly sharing your assessment of acting talent, spoiling or predicting future events, engaging in unrelated discussion is frowned upon.

5th RULE: The format is typically dinner followed by (1) a 15-20 min presentation, (2) 10 min Q&A, and (3) a semi-related movie.

This is the basic format but we might deviate from it once in a while.

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