Reviews of Ji Son's wholehearted analyses of muppet motion...


Reviews of Ji Son's wholehearted analyses of muppet motion...


I found Ji's lecture high in energy and enthusiasm. I have noticed many of the muppets movements before but they were never fully articulated in my mind. Ji did it with flair, excellent visuals, and high degree of accuracy.

- Matthew Cheung, professor of English

Wow! Emotion for Motion was a tour-de-force!! I could not have ever in my sweetest dreams imagined such a well-designed, well-manipulated lecture as this. This was truly LaaF at its zenith. Dr. Son's erudite knowledge of muppetry was not only unequivocal, but she was able to tease apart all the intricate details rendering the subject digestible for the simplest muppet layperson. It is easy to see why Dr. Son's calling in life is to be a professor. She will make an outstanding one indeed, of that I am certain. The highlight of the night for me was when Ji Yun Son, Ph.D., ran across the kitchen stage in such unrivaled muppet-likeness that the image will be forever burned into my memory in the best way possible. Furthermore, Jon Wang's cooking was so pleasing to the palette that I not only luxuriated myself with seconds, but with thirds! LaaF has once again lived up to its reputation of great film, fellowship, and fun!

- Lease-a Loo

The word gesticulation is rarely, if ever, paired with the word Muppet. This is not to say that the latter embodies inaction (far from it) but that it does not convey the academia that would employ such a word as gesticulation. So a lecture from Ji Son containing the term "Muppet gesticulation" might be looked upon with a wary eye. (This is to say nothing of the also-present term "dynamic systems analysis," which sounds like the roundabout language one hears from the auto mechanic explaining that $830 bill.) All concerns were put to rest when the LAAF body realized that this simply translated into a dance lesson. To be completely forthright: yes, there were complex charts, words over ten letters long, and even a look at the Uncanny Valley (an especial interest to the academic crowd, and those of us who so comically anguish over the essence and worth of humanity). But the science of puppetry is a science that none should find boring and all should embrace, and never has that been easier to do than by the helpful guidance of Ji, who may just turn out to be a Pinocchioesque escapee from 1416 La Brea Ave [the address of Jim Henson studios, formerly Charlie Chaplin studios! 2 LaaF references with one stone!].

- "Keep it real, Jezreel" Leung

Indeed, there are few who could take on the immense task of breaking down Muppet physics for the common people, but to then make such an esoteric topic accessible through a dynamic media-action packed presentation... simply breath-taking (from laafter)! I could not imagine anyone better suited for pulling off such a feat accept for Dr. Ji Yun Son, whose knowledge of muppets is not only terrifying in its scope (see muppet-human system flow chart) but whose conviction of muppet expression runs so deeply that her own mannerisms bear an uncanny resemblance to the very muppets of which she speaks (a fact I personally find very charming)! So infectious was the presentation that by the end of the lecture the audience found themselves transformed into "furry happy (muppet) monsters laafing!" Then to eat guest chef Jon-Wangs peanut-butter and jelly dessert concotion and to watch "The Muppet Christmas Carol"... I felt like a child again! Thank you Je-sus!

- David-Kitani, muppet-phile

I like muppets. I like pbj. I like Ji. Sometimes all at once!

- Julie J. Park, former subscriber to sesame street magazine

and author of upcoming New York Times bestseller "Future Snacks"

I live w/ the greatest scientist ever! One who researches muppets! Not only have I learned about the inner workings of these "marionette puppets," but even flow charts have taken on a whole new meaning! It was absolutely amazing watching the muppet-human interaction environment as our human Ji presented on these muppets. But then again, I think it was close enough to a muppet presenting on muppets too... which arrow does that follow Dr. Ji?

- Jinna Hwang, teaching new generations about flow charts and graphs

Perhaps one of the most anticipated LaaF lectures ever, Ji Y. Son, PhD, delivered a talk that still managed to surpass all expectation. With grace, Professor Son enlightened us to the significance of expressing human-like emotions and the emotive power of simple stick motions and foam faces. I learned of the Muppets' creative ability to turn every motion into emotion. Jon Wang cooked up a special deconstructed sandwich meal. Also, I must not forget Jinna's fast-forward special of Step Up 2: The Streets - which is a startling contrast where these human dancers are unable to convert any motion into emotion.

- Miles Chen, dance critic





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