Reviews of Jezreel Leung's educational and remarkable "first-attempt at powerpoint" presentation...


Reviews of Jezreel Leung's educational and remarkable "first-attempt at powerpoint" presentation...


Not only was Jez a FILM GURU, but did you know he was a PROPHET as well? The day after learning more about the Great Depression we hit our lil' stock market crash. (Dr. Jez, how will this affect the films of our future??) This was a very enlightening experience. Also, I haven't enjoyed a black and white in ages!

- Jinna Hwang, professional male-objectifier and calculus teacher

Without Jezreel Leung in our lives, when would we have a chance to apply labels like "fallen women" and "lovable screwballs" to our friends and family?  Although his physique often causes women to "fall" -- this time, it was his erudition and witty connections, drawing causal links through cinematic and economic history, that knocked the women (AND the men) in the audience off their feet. We would all certainly be a little more depressed without a little Jez-style LaaFing in our lives.

- Ji Son, amateur male-objectifier

Jez's lecture was great, but not as great as his unexpected counter-attack on Ji and Jinna: "If you guys don't stop, I'm going to have to wear low-rise jeans or something." Totally shocking, and I'm not just talking about the economic crisis.

- Julie Park, founder of the society for

the non-objectification of Jez (unless it's really funny)

Jezreel's lecture on the Great Depression against the backdrop of our modern 'recession' gripped our hearts and minds. His insightful and thought-provoking interpretation of the rise and success of the film era during this significant chapter in American history had us come away with an appreciation for the roots of our modern entertainment industry. Coupled with his expert handling of the powerpoint medium (this was, gasp, his first time using it!) and the interactive comedic media clips, Jezreel's presentation made this LAAF a very special event. I give Jezreel a thumbs up, way up.

- Soomie Chun, JYS and JP's naked friend

Though I missed the film, unfortunately, the lecture in and of itself was worth it. It really WAS the most educational lecture filled with history, dates and codes! I walk away smarter and more aware of the Great Depression... and whats going on today... =O Many thanks to Ji for the depression-themed (and very filling) supper.

- June Jeung, kind person who does not objectify Jez

Jez's lecture and a film has just raised the bar to an unprecedented level! Not only was his knowledge of the flim industry and the Depression era intimidatingly vast, but the dedication to his theme was awe-inspiring. I now want every LaaF to be themed in order to dress up accordingly. Spectacular spectacular, indeed!

- Lisa Liu, M.A. in the psychology of male objectification

Excerpts of messages left for Jez (stolen from his facebook wall)

It was so awesome of a lecture that even as I was sick at home, I could sense the reverberations of brain waves being enriched from miles away as the owners of said brains were being exposed to a broader knowledge of cinema!

- Daniel Khim, has never attended LaaF

Keep that behind perky for the ladies...

- Jon Wang, male male-objectifier

(currently in SE Asia and cannot object)

You've inspired the masses.

- Emmanuel Olivas, inspired future LaaF lecturer

It was obvious that people had a great time (I don't remember such whole hearted clapping for any other film we've watched) and they genuinely learned something.

- David Kitani, Jez's film soul-mate and fellow cowboy-ninja






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