Reviews of Lisa Liu's persuasive and passionate arguments for Selma Blair as #1...


Reviews of Lisa Liu's persuasive and passionate arguments for Selma Blair as #1...


My first LaaF experience turned out to be a trip to a sophisticated -- yet grounded -- hub of good times, intelligent conversation, and fine dining. Ms. Son is a culinary wonder, as usual, and Ms. Liu's lecture on Selma Blair was engaging and informative, never pretentious; in addition, her bold, bespectacled visage brought back feelings of nostalgia, familiar memories of being beaten and kicked about in fourth grade by the jocks at Creek Valley Elementary. I can't wait for the next one.

- Jonathan Yip, MFA

Who knew that Selma Blair was so attractive? The scales have fallen from my eyes. The quinoa was also delicious.

- Julie Park, dissertationista

LaaF continues its fierce tradition (4 times! yay!) of excellence in exposing patterns across the cinematic landscape. Lisa's lecture bared Hollywood's true colors by shedding much needed light on the good-blonde/bad-brunette propaganda subversively implanted in many movies. She makes a convincing case for why we should applaud the brunette actresses that hold their head up high, smile with their dark eyes graciously, and live artistic lives boldly in the face of an industry that values blonde heroines.

- Ji Son, food yuppie (foopie)

Lisa's presentation of Selma Blair was quite entertaining. With talk of evil conspiracies against us beautifully created brunettes and folks being fully endowed (or not), she created more laughter in this LaaF than any other! Miles' special re-enactment of Steve Urkel also deserves a mention! Each incredible session of LaaF is beginning to stir more and more... laughter! The food is great, the fellowship is sweet, and it's all in all inspiring. Come and see that LaaF is good (and good for you!)

- June Jeung, faithful LaaFer

Lisa Liu's carefully crafted lecture brought attention to the great injustice of Hollywood's bias for blondes and against Selma Blair. Each slide brought a surprise that this woman, of whom we hardly took notice, was actually quite beautiful and fashionable. Despite Miss Blair's 12-year old boy's body, we had to wonder, "how could such a attractive female not make every man's top-5 list?" The evening was topped off with an entertaining flick in FULL color. Sunday evenings will never be the same again.

- Miles Chen, Asian Steve Urkel (and also Stephan Urkhelle)

Lisa Liu's passionate exposé on the Hollywood Blonde Conspiracy served as a firm reminder that real diversity has yet to find its way into the movie industry that loves to think of itself as socially progressive. Brunette Selma Blair is the damning evidence. An attractive and talented actress of her ilk is far too often shunted in favor of flash-in-the-pan tabloid fodder (almost always blonde); the night's film, In Good Company, made this clear in giving mere minutes of screen time to Ms. Blair. The lecture cut straight to the heart of this issue: ultimately, the onus lies with us, the moviegoing public, to change our viewing (and spending) habits if we wish to see change in Hollywood moviemaking. With more radical proselytizers like Lisa, a change is gonna come.

-Jezreel Leung, fighter for humane treatment of women






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