Reviews of Julie Park's exploration of love that overcomes class tension...


Reviews of Julie Park's exploration of love that overcomes class tension...


Julie's discussion of class tension in 80's cinema opened my eyes to the conflict that influenced so many teen dramas in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways. More importantly, it also brought to light possible strife that could arise in modern day cross-class-relationships, spring boarding our group discussion to issues such as family dynamics and the oft-sought-after sugar-mama. Well done, Julie.

-Miles Chen, gamemaster

With enormous skill and sympathy, Julie relayed to her audience the massive chasm of class that movies effortlessly overcome. She seamlessly revived the notion of "the spark" from LaaF1 to help us understand the appeal of Lloyd Dobblers for hyper-ambitious girls; this in turn prepared us to be properly wowed by the (still) cutting edge computer graphics flirting that won the heart of Molly Ringwald.

- J.Y. Son, balcony botanist

Round two of LaaF was a blast! With a grand total of 23 young adults, the apt was filled with good food, lots of laughter and great conversations. The food was amazing as usual and this time we had a pre-show game! The education process began long before Julie Park's insightful lecture on the 80s... Julie's presentation was above and beyond, combining the issues of the 80s with the great movies emerging from such an era.

- June Jeung, ASL extraordinaire

Julie's lecture and film not only elevated my knowledge of the great divide in class tension in the 80s, but it truly renewed my faith that love conquers all! Not only did the lecture cover 80s cinema, but it got the group thinking about the complexities and intricacies of modern and postmodern relationships. With dinner, a lecture, and a film, the night was the perfect blend of fellowship and nerdfest. I am honored to have been invited to to this elite (and public!) society.

- Lisa Liu, MA and intellectual fashionista

C.S. Lewis had the "Inklings" (an informal Oxford literary group including J.R.R. Tolkein); Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes had their St. Botolph's Review crew. We have LaaF: an intellectual community for our time. A place where young educated Asian American Christians can gather to ponder over life's unanswered questions (under the guidance of the eloquent and insightful J. Jinwon Park, Ph.D. expected June 2009), such as "What can the trope of class tension in '80s teen movies teach us about contemporary social inequality?" and "Would you date a Lloyd Doppler in real life?"

    I laughed. I learned. I ate some really good lumpia.

    Yes, reader, I LaaFed.

- Jennifer J. Kim of Julie's sisterhood of the traveling geniuses





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