Reviews of Matt Nakamura's lascivious lecture (spoiler alert)...


Reviews of Matt Nakamura's lascivious lecture (spoiler alert)...


Matthew Nakamura's lecture 6 in words: Seminal. Avant-Garde. Gravitas. German Expressionism. Matthew Nakamura in 3 words: Geek. Snob. Adorable. In conclusion, I'm a fan of Godard's earlier work.

- Lisa Liu, happenin'

Indeed, Mr. Nakamura's subliminal message laden presentation was nerdy (with wonderful last minute enthusiasm captured on digital film) and snoby (calling people out on interruptions and giving them the "you'd better shut up" look with his eyes)!  Ever hilarious and capitalizing on awkwardness, Nakamura, in his own SashaBaranCohenBrunoesqueness, kept his audience on their toes as we were often not sure if we should laugh or be angered.  Matt demonstrated through his layered lecture that the internet has changed movie watching, but that we can LaaF it off and adapt (and even play a soundtrack...for ourselves)!   Then what happened?  Let's just say I have never enjoyed watching a terrible (acting) movie so much!

- David Kitani, a total geek about cinema

I did not get the nudity I wanted. But who does? I certainly got the nudity I didn't want. Matt's lecture on Geeks and Snobs was intense like a Geek and highly intellectual like a snob.  It was the perfect hybrid and resulted in pure, naked synergy.  I can't say much more than that or else I'd spoil the ending.  Go watch it on Vimeo.  Say 'hello' to your mother for me.

- Matt Cheung, lightsaber collector

Comrade Nakamura's lecture did not have enough male nudity. Next lecture must have twice the amount of male nudity to make up for absence. Still, The Happening was best movie to grace LAAF yet... perhaps even unsurpassable. Five thumbs up for lectures and film, half thumb up for minimal male nudity.

- Daniel Khim, male nudity snob

The talkbacks seem to like it.

- Ji Son, mediocre television snob

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