Reviews of Ji's minDfully mindless lecture on pretty ugly girls...


Reviews of Ji's minDfully mindless lecture on pretty ugly girls...


I always thought the movie "Funny Girl" was a lighthearted musical comedy.  Dr. Son showed me that it is not.  Barbara Streisand's epic is actually epically depressing.  But just as Babs was despondent, Dr. Son's lecture was educational.  Dr. Son used her powers as a cognitive scientist to articulate an oft-used trope -- The Pretty Ugly Girl. Is she pretty? Is she ugly? Actually, neither. She's just a way for Hollywood to drum up sympathy for underdog heroines.   She doesn't need to be more beautiful or get a makeover. The Pretty Ugly Girl just needs to be herself ... but more awesome.

- Matt Cheung, bachelor of the month

As expected, Ji's lecture was quite informative and slightly ridiculous, but I never expected that watching Funny Girl with a bunch of beta males would be so entertaining.  They tried to cover up the fact that they actually liked the movie by making lots of snarky comments, but we all know they loved it.  Post-film activities which included, but were not limited to, Jez falling on the floor/turning red/convulsing with laughter and pick up line role playing, were also quite entertaining.

- Julie Park, Asian-American yenta

Dr. Son's scope of the pretty ugly girl trope was inspired and educational. Because of her lecture, I now have learned that ugly girls are people too. And they, too, are worthy of love.

Also, the food was splendid. I like being able to make my own meal because I like the sense of control.

- Lisa Liu, lover of the ugly

Who could get a bunch of males to see a Barbara Streisand musical?  The one and only Dr. Ji Son.  Dr. Son, unraveled that pesky question of "dude, isn't that girl in the movie just a pretty girl posing as an ugly girl?" once and for all...and then some.  Dr. Son, along with Dr. Park, uniquely bring to the LaaF table (by the way, Dr. Park and Mr. Yip brought to the table one pretty DANG GOOD meal of Korean seaweed and spicy California spam wraps ever) something known as... research.  It really helps to prove your point. If you would like to see a video of the thesis of her lecture, click here for "Ji Son - pretty ugly girl theory" posted by her fanboy on youtube; this was almost leaked before her groundbreaking lecture!  Following the informative, controversial, and delightful lecture came the film featuring hilarious and sharp commentary by the beta male critics.  After the film ensued a never before seen LaaF council that left me breathless and with a massive headache from side-splitting laughter.  Best LaaF...ever (so far)!

- David Kitani, anonymous fanboy

The "pretty ugly girl" was a new concept for me -- there are no ugly girls at LAAF! (plug)  Leave it to Ji to take something we've all seen in the movies (and on and teach us something new about it, with a sociological spin.  Or was it psychological?  One of those social science studies...  Anyway, a very entertaining and informative lecture.  The food was also a runaway hit, much to Julie's and my surprise!  And I'll bet that NO ONE guessed that half of the Spam was of the reduced sodium variety!

- Jon Yip, spam chef

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