Reviews of Chris Lum's Auspicious lecture...


Reviews of Chris Lum's Auspicious lecture...


Chris Lum's discussion of destiny was exactly what it was supposed to be!

- Matthew Cheung, destined to be the first reviewer

With the pre-show and the 10 different renditions, Chris Lum's lecture was probably the most ridiculously entertaining LaaF yet. It is also the first lecture I've actually referenced in a class discussion of predestination. Need I say more?

- Lisa Liu, applying her LaaF-learned knowledge

LaaF is always glad to introduce new blood into its stable of lecturers, if only so that we do not grow bored with the same talking heads rotating over and over. But fresh-faced newcomer Chris Lum deserves far more than that feeble welcome. His lecture on the portrayal of destiny in cinema impressed the crowd mightily as he offered up insightful exploration into the topics of the suspension of disbelief and the truism that fact can be stranger than fiction. The surety of his navigation through muddy waters spoke of a well-charted knowledge that did not go unappreciated. Fate is an ambitious subject to broach--and a dangerous one at that--but Lum succeeded on all counts. But--but!--we do not remember his lecture for heady commentary alone. No, his entertainment value does not stop there. Lum's first LaaF lecture will undoubtedly be recorded in the annals under the heading "Man Sings as Snow White," with a cover of "Someday My Prince Will Come" that, dare I say it, bests even Miles Davis' famed rendition. Here's to hoping that fate brings Lum and LaaF together again.

- Jezreel Leung, a talking head

Chris Lum's lecture on destiny has already become LaaF legend! From his illustrative impersonations to the God-honoring prayer at the end, Chris has shown us what heights LaaF can reach! Awesome Indian food as well. I would do a sideways headshake for Matt & Lisa's dinner if I had the neck muscles to do so.

- Ji Son, wannabe-Bollywood rapper

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