Reviews of Professor Matthew Cheung's alpha beta-male lecture...


Reviews of Professor Matthew Cheung's alpha beta-male lecture...


I love all them Beta male actors from Michael Cera, to the 500 days of Summer guy, to Topher Grace! Matt nailed the rise of the beta males and pinned down their character and dress too. How'd you do know, Matt? Great job to the rise of the beta male and the alpha meal!

- Jinna Hwang, beta-male-lover

The Betas have a champion among them! Though beta males have already been on the rise with the proliferation of lead betas in Hollywood, Matt "The Professor" Cheung's seminal lecture will pave the way towards an even more widespread beta culture. In the modern era, as the majority of the population becomes technology geeks, beta males are becoming the norm, and The Professor's groundbreaking lecture will become an inspirational tool for the masses of underdog gentlemen out there.

- Daniel Khim, cultural watchdog

Given Professor Matt Cheung's first lecture on time travel theories, it would appear obvious that he is an exemplar of the beta male model. (That makes him a male model proper.) His new lecture, then, was marked by real authority on the subject, which some might theorize to be firsthand experience but I simply chalk up to academic research. He brought forth elucidating details on the pervasive phenomenon of the rise of freaks and geeks: who they are, how they came to be, and what their future holds. With this, the beta male at long last has a place in the annals of history, which usually go to the victor but can now be sneakily changed on Wikipedia. Cheung's speech for the cause of beta male awareness certainly positions him as an Alpha Beta, perhaps no superman but a supermarket. And after all, everybody needs a grocery store to get by in life.

- Jezreel Leung, alpha review writer

Professor Matt-riculate has exercised his wit and saavy to bring us a brilliant treatise on the beta male. His elucidation of globalization and lateral cooperation as the mechanism for the global rise of the beta male was elegant and persuasive. I also enjoyed alpha female Bonnie's side dishes (and remarks)!

-Ji Son, gamma female





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