Reviews of Miles Chen's incisive look at James Marsden


Reviews of Miles Chen's incisive look at James Marsden


Miles' lecture truly expanded my horizons regarding the complexities of both James Marsden and the dynamics of modern love. Rewatching 'Hairspray' also helped me appreciate Marsden's portrayal of Corny Collins as a true visionary in the frontier of racial integration. I also love drinking Orange San Pellegrino from the 99 Cent Store.

-Julie Jinwon Park, M.A., ABD

James Marsden is certainly afrotastic! Miles Chen is convincing and humorous in his portrayal of the silver screen's deeply likeable love-underdog.

- J.Y. Son, Ph.D. in kickboxing

Miles Chen's lecture on James Marsden was more than an encomium for a burgeoning star; more than a diatribe on undeserved typecasting; more than a lament of unrequited love. Marsden's career and characters insightfully functioned as an introduction to the deeper issues of what men and women seek from each other and whether we know what we really desire. An effort to discern the inscrutable "spark" of true love in the concluding Q&A provided ample opportunity for the opposite sexes to speak, listen, and learn in a friendly environment. In comparison, the screening of the event's feature film, Hairspray, was little more than a footnote to the night.

- Jezreel Leung, film and music critic

I was expecting a simple declaration of Miles’ love for James Marsden, instead I was blown away by a power point presentation along with life application. And I didn’t expect that a talk on James Marsden would lead to a meaningful discussion.

- Erin Fujitani, Miles' longtime friend

LAAF is an incredible event... it is more than educational, it is entertaining. Mr. Miles Chen has not only broadened my horizon and understanding of this great actor James Marsden but I realized that James is a great actor whether or not he’s the main character. I cannot wait for the next LAAF and I can only hope that it will be just as fun. Although Miles set a high standard, I believe my fellow LAAFers will present substantial and satisfying presentations. Come all to experience this joy!

- June Jeung, Hairspray (2007) expert





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