Reviews of Ji Son's "they-said-it-couldn't-be-done" lecture...


Reviews of Ji Son's "they-said-it-couldn't-be-done" lecture...


This lecture was all that LaaF should be.

- Matt Nakamura, LaaF pundit

"Family Values" was the ultimate lecture, presented by the only person in the world with the perfect combination of knowledge and boldness to effectively administer such wildly fantastic points! No longer will the masses ponder the relationship between fish and catastrophic events, as the facts have been irrefutably presented. Excellent job, pupil!

- Daniel Khim, mentor of Ji Son

Dr. Ji Son's presentation set the standard for all that LaaF can and should be -- a highly entertaining and educational lecture strung together by made up facts and correlations. John Hodgman couldn't be prouder!

- Lisa Liu, admirer of Dr. Son's work

Leave it to newly, duly appointed professor Ji Son Kitani to bring LaaF its most academic lecture to date, and pull it off with the most daring stretch of a topic yet: the legendary "How 9/11 Affected Family Values" with Finding Nemo as a centerpiece. At long last, the topic may be removed from the upcoming schedule and placed into the archives! In-depth exploration of family values and resiliency within the context of Pixar animation concluded that a post-9/11 world has settled into a new form of collectivism, whose details and purpose completely flew over my pea-brain. I thought I was just watching pretty cartoons. Who knew that Finding Nemo was not just one fish's search for his son but the search within all of us for meaning and fulfillment? Leave it to the movies to show us the way to our hearts, to form a better individual, family, group, and society. Percy Shelley once claimed that artists are "the unacknowledged legislators of the World," and this lecture proved that his words still hold true to this day.

-Jezreel Leung, now able to exhale





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