Reviews of Miles Chen's expert dissection of Disney's relationship trajectory...


Reviews of Miles Chen's expert dissection of Disney's relationship trajectory...


Miles claims to have been nervous but his presentation was phenomenal. Now the bar has been raised higher yet... to have a lecture with graphic animations! The lecture tied in beautifully with the movie and when I do get into a relationship, I will be tempted to use the settling quotient. Fabulous food too!

- June Jeung, tempted by the equation of another

Featuring James Marsden, the spark, and the ever present advice column, Miles' second lecture was a fitting companion to the legendary talk that launched LaaF 10 months back. As a future instructor of statistics, I am excited to bring his groundbreaking keeper-or-settling quotient into the classroom (disclaimer intact). I also especially enjoyed Miles' analysis of the influences that often prevent real life relationships from progressing from meeting to marriage in a matter of minutes. Now we can only wait to see if and how our co-founder's life will imitate art, Disney, or at least his featured xanga content. Big ups to Ji and crew for a great meal, even though my plans to secure a second pork chop were thwarted.

- Julie Park, wishing that pork chop woulda settled for her

Expectations ran high for LaaF 10 as people clamored over the evite invitation spurred on by the reviews of Miles Chen's initial lecture as a tour-de-force in the power of powerpoint. With an unerring knack for what captivates a LaaF audience, Miles has done it again. This time, his superb quantitative skills as well as his smooth elocution and natural pedagogical stylings came together to reveal society's commonly assumed timelines of love. By analyzing the precise timing of Disney's animated dramatic sequences, Miles constructs a logical framework for understanding these alternate realities and to our great surprise, we realize that we have come to understand our own realities just a little bit better as well.

- Ji Son, meeting to marriage in a matter of a decade

Miles made an excellent presentation! It was well researched and fabulously orated. I have now decided to approach relationships using the Disney princess model, and evaluating these relationships based on Mile's revolutionary equation. We'll see how it goes...

- Monita Scott, future Disney princess

I had only heard of Miles' legendary first LaaF lecture, the one that started it all, and so it was truly an amazing experience to be able to attend his second lecture - he also now has the distinct honor of being the first return LaaF lecturer! Miles has provided an in depth look at all the love lives of the Disney Princesses, and the intensely accelerated rate at which they meet and get hitched, and it is interesting to see the mechanics of relationships outside the real world. His love formula is also the newest addition to relational science, and as we speak, it is being given thorough research and analysis at UCLA's Sociology department. Expect case study results soon!

- Daniel Khim, faithful googl-er of "laaf"

Another marvelous milestone for Miles with his "Meeting to Marriage in a Matter of Minutes." His flair with alliteration was just the begining of his presentation. His skills with the medium of the powerpoint (integrating different forms of media), his knack for demonstrating narratives in a concise manner (which I'm sure flows from his passion for games with clear directions), and his awareness of the mysterious ways of a man with a maiden (putting himself out there in the process..haha!), all made for a wonderful lecture and a film. He even wowed the audience with a mathematical formula for the relational phenomena known as "settling"...brilliant. I know he will make a great statistics professor - entertaining, efficient, and informative.

- David Kitani, definitely NOT settling

LaaF 10: Return of the Mack. Miles Chen, Prince Disarming, came back to give the LAAF contingent another impressive discourse on love and logic. While he made no efforts to hide his admiration for Disney animation, he also made no efforts to hide his frustration at its influential role as a primary perpetuator of the "love at first sight" myth. For someone with a 26-inch waist, Miles had a lot of guts to take on the unenviable task of dissecting beloved fairy tales in the name of science, but he succeeded and in no uncertain terms. When it comes to love and LaaF, Miles is your man.

- Jezreel Leung, hoping hotness ratings correspond

with rates of objectification





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